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Why we will always love women in Braids

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Back in 2009, Chris Rock did an illuminating documentary with titled Good Hair. He set out to find an answer to a question asked by his daughter. She felt she did not have good hair because she had curly African hair. The documentary is hilarious yet poignant. It brings forth people’s perception of African hair. That was 2009, now in 2019, there is a natural hair movement beginning to stir. Black women are learning to appreciate their God-given hair.

The beauty industry is also taking note and there's an explosion of natural hair products. Braids are making a comeback as well.

Braids and the African woman

In the ever evolving world of beauty, new trends emerge almost every single day. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the hairstyles that come and go. One style has stood the test of time; good old braids. There’s just something about a woman in beautifully done braids.

Braiding has been a staple style in the history of hair for as long as anyone can remember. For black women, nothing says sexy and confident like some great looking braids.

The fascinating History of Braids

Braiding has its origins in Africa where women perfected it thousands of years ago. From the Himba of Namibia to ancient Egypt, Africans have been braiding for centuries.

Initially used to symbolize status, braiding gradually became more available to the masses. In many African tribes, braiding was much more than just a hairstyle. Braids would act as an identifier of a person’s age, marital status, wealth, power, and religion.

Braiding is a skill handed down from generation to generation. Even at play, African girls start by braiding grass. They soon move on to hair. The versatility and beauty of braiding soon caught on and spread to the world.

From Hollywood to the African neighborhood, braids are hugely popular.

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What Makes Braids so Popular?

So you want to get your hair braided? Great choice! Braids are easy to maintain and are suitable for any occasion. Another advantage is braiding saves you time. With braids, you need not worry about spending lots of time getting your hair made in the morning. You are in good company too, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Lupita Nyongo, and Malia Obama are a few great examples. Let’s delve into the topic a little bit more.

  • Self-Expression

Many African women braid hair as an expression of their “Africaness" or African heritage if you like.” Due to its texture, the African hair is very versatile and allows for many styling options.

  • It Is Relatively Inexpensive

If you compare the amount of money you would spend on chemical treatments, braids are more pocket-friendly.

  • Protective Styling

Ladies do a lot to their hair with regard to styling. The constant manipulation can take a toll on one’s locks. Braids are, therefore, a great way to give your hair a much-deserved break. Depending on the style you chose, you can stay with them up to 6 months. Braids give the hair an opportunity to rejuvenate due to less handling.

  • Many Styling Options

There are so many braid options to choose from. These include Braided buns, goddess braids, cornrow style braiding, box braids, and crochet braids just to name a few. It does not matter whether it is a celebrity, all the normal woman, braids look great on everyone.

Final Thoughts

Once you pick out a style, you will need to choose the right person to do your braids. Professional, relative or friend, you'll need the right expertise to get it done right. Remember to style with care and use suitable hair products to prevent hair loss or damage. It is advisable that braids are not too tight to allow for easier undoing.Most importantly, step out in confidence and enjoy your braids.


Thank you for reading our blog. If and when you are in the San Francisco East Bay Area, do consider paying us a visit in Antioch for your next hairdo. We would love to count you among our clientele. Thank you!

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