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Tips for keeping your braids neater for longer

Looking for a great look that saves you time and money yet still looks fabulous and trendy? If you answered yes, you should consider installing braids. Getting your hair braided takes time and patience so you want them to last.

You will therefore need to learn a few tips to keep your braids neat. Read on, apply our tips and your pocket will thank you.

Here’s how to get those braids looking neater for longer

Keeping your braids fresh and clean is easier said than done. Soon after braiding, you may notice the roots starting to get old. Braids may start to look frizzy, have fly away, or the scalp may start getting flaky. Not a pretty sight.

For a busy mom, career woman or college student, you don’t always have the luxury of time and want braids that last. Nothing says bad hair day everyday like dirty unkempt hair. It is actually the last thing a busy black woman needs!

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Here are some great tips for keeping your braids neat longer.

1. Constantly moisturize your scalp.

Before getting your braids done, wash your hair and moisturize. Use a sprinkler to lightly drizzle water onto your scalp. Moisturize between the rows, gently rubbing with your fingers to settle the water. This will significantly reduce scalp dryness. You could also use leave in conditioner between your braids.

2. Oil your hair.

Use natural oils such as peppermint, castor or coconut oil between your braids. Be careful not to overdo especially if your scalp is naturally oily. Another great tip is to spray your braids with a light mist of oil sheen every day. This will keep them looking healthy and shiny.

3. Protect your hair

Too much sun or rain can damage your braids. Keep your hair covered whenever you experience extreme weather conditions.

When sleeping, wrap your braids in a scarf that will help keep moisture. Silk or satin are great choices for scarves and pillows. Taking these measures will ensure your braids remain healthy looking.

4. Wash your braids regularly

While this may not be something everyone likes to do, it is necessary if you want yours to last that much longer. Braids can become incredibly heavy when they’re wet, and take what feels like ages to dry, but it is well worth it.

5. Do not keep braids on for too long

While getting braids that last is great, you must resist the temptation of keeping them on too long. Your braids will end up looking shabby and frizzy. The greater danger is that left in for longer than they should, braids can damage delicate new hairs.

6. Get the right technique and style for you

Great looking, long-lasting braids start with style and technique. Braids need to be tight enough to grip the roots and prevent slippage, but not too tight as this may damage the scalp.

Copyright: Unsplash | License: CCO Public Domain

Final Thoughts

Protective styles such as braiding cut the time spent on your beauty routine. It is also a great way to protect your hair from damage from over exposure. Braids are a great choice. They are low maintenance, save tons of time and most importantly, look amazing.


Thank you for reading our blog. If and when you are in the San Francisco East Bay Area, do consider paying us a visit in Antioch for your next hairdo. We would love to count you among our clientele. Thank you!

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29 de mai. de 2022

This was my first time going to the salon so I was a bit nervous. When I arrived all the ladies were welcoming smiling an had wonderful energy. We had a few conversation throughout the time of me getting my knotless braids. My braids took a little over 5hrs am was definitely worth it. Every part is the same, braids are neat, CLEAN PARTS and my braids are not heavy in my ponytail that I wear everyday. Everyone of the girls were very professional an just amazing women. The place is very clean drama free and they get you in a out. Im definitely going to start bringing my daughter an making this the only place we go to fo…


25 de jul. de 2020

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